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How-To Care For: Wool (2)

After we detailed examined all the different types of wool, it is time to learn how to wash and care for our favorite woolen clothes. I prepared some pictures with my favorite sweaters, made by Merino wool, Cashmere and Alpaca. 

First and most important, I always do hand-wash for my woolen garments. This is the best and safest way to care for them. The water temperature must be cool, nice for you hands. Тhe fibers become elastic, soft and absorb the washing product and conditioner very well. Hot water will destroy and shrank the clothes, and too cold water makes the fabric and your hands stiff.  The products I used in this post are a present from my mum by one of her trips around Europe. She gifted me a nice cashmere sweater and this care set. I love the smell and how soft my stuff is after washing! If you are looking for an wool and cashmere care set, check here - NET-A-PORTER has a nice and affordable offer!

Woolen clothes are delicate and you have to be careful with the washing. Do no…

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How-To Care For: Wool

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