Having a housekeeper - a luxury or an affordable necessity?

I am sure you have debated a hundred of times about hiring a housekeeper or not. And I am even more sure a hundred and one times, the decision was not in your favor, because of the myths: 

- we can not afford it, it is an unnecessary luxury;
- it is not right - what will people say or our friends, are we snobs?!
- can not I do it by myself?! My grandmother has succeeded...
- how do I trust to a completely stranger
etc, etc...

In the web you can find plenty of information with Pros and Cons about these services. Honestly, I do not believe there is a woman on this planet, who at least once in her life as a housewife, has not dreamed for help with the chores!
The world and our daily lives are becoming more hectic, increasingly busy and it is like free private time becomes a luxury. The numbers and statistics show it - in the last years, the number of people using domestic services grows tremendously. Being so popular among the people living in very large cities, hiring a housekeeper is no longer a trend, but an affordable necessity. 

Lets not make it too dramatic, but everyone has been or is constantly trapped with the chores. There is something romantic in a family shopping, cleaning or tiding together, but only if it happens rarely, especially if you live in a megalopolis or very big city. 

Imagine only - you finish work, you have to take the kids from school and go to the supermarket. And there... crowds of people - some rush, other seem to be on a walk; finally you filled the trolley and you head to the milestone queue to the cashier; then the hectic traffic way home... Oh, miracle, you finally arrived. Ant there are the dirty dishes from last night, the crumbs under the table, the messy bathroom from morning rush, you have to prepare a supper... and it is already 7 pm. 'Oh, miracle, help me to break chains of chores!'

Do you feel guilty about making weekly online grocery shopping? Do you feel guilty that not your hand chooses the salad you will put on a family table? I do not think so! Big stores online shopping and delivery are the second best thing a housewife can ask for. And the first best thing is domestic help - The Housekeeper! 
Hiring a help for home errands and cleaning, gives you a time for yourself and your family; for your hobbies and pleasure activities. As a woman and a housewife, I can not accept to feel guilty, because of a social stigma - 'having a housekeeper means you are lazy or indecently rich, either this is the new slavery.' 
All these 'excuses' sound so not true, and so old-fashion. 
And without any redundant applause... having a housekeeper for sure keep your family and marriage less tension. 

So dear men, bring some joy to your wives and provide a lovely family time, with just one click - Mrs Hughes Membership. Because the phrase 'Happy wife, happy life' is true! 



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