About me

Hello, everyone! I am Dessy, the person behind Mrs Hughes. In this blog you will find that caring, passionate, full of energy and contacts lady, who will shares with you precious and important home advice and inspiration - from good cleaning products to DIY home decor projects and family events; from homemade recipes to contacts of reliable removals company. Mrs Hughes is the picture of the modern butler! 

A little more about me - I am proud Bulgarian, living and running a business in London, UK. Growing up in a big, lovely and noisy family, bring up to me the love of home and family coziness. The Aquarius in me is responsible for the originality, messing with a bit eccentricity; for my freedom and need of contacting with many different people, all these sprinkled by my ascendant in Taurus for the splendor sense for good food and the possession of beautiful things. 

I am Mrs Hughes, very nice to meet you and Welcome to my world! 


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