Mrs Hughes - Your Home PA

#Auto Pilot App for home errands
Mrs. Hughes is your home PA, who runs your household and helps you to do all your errands without actually doing them yourself. Mrs. Hughes is your trustful sidekick who is your extra pair of hands at home, who does everything instead you with the assurance and conviction that your home is your castle!
#From Women, To Women
In these fast-paced days the definition of successful women looks endless - fabulous appearance, great career, big and happy family, amazing home, perfect housewife and more, and more... And if behind the successful man stand a woman; behind the successful woman stand... she, herself and Mrs. Hughes!
Working single and married mothers, long-hours working wives and singles, we stand by you in the balancing between career, home, family and private life!
#New Definition for Domestic Service
We believe luxury is not reserved for a select few and it is not only for goods. It is a matter of attitude, individual approach and gratitude to every our client. Mrs. Hughes is a service with respect and message to their customers. We take personally every home, every engagement and every story. We rise up the multitasking, initiative and trusted sidekick for your home errands!
#Green and Healthy
Understanding how important today is turn back to nature and to remember how we lived,  before chemicals enter that much in our daily lives, we explore, learn and use different green cleaning techniques, practices and environmentally-friendly products.
Mrs Hughes - the fairy of domestic services and maintenance for West and Central London.

#Come Home Lucky 
Mrs Hughes is a subscription service for housekeeping and household management and maintenance, combines authentic British Butler Traditions and Modernity approach with Powerful Technology. Our services are designed to exceed customer expectations, achieve a high satisfaction and give a new definition of domestic services.
We rise up the new, modern and multitasking housekeeper!


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