Happy Halloween

The scariest time of the year is so close! Every year children and adults can not wait to put spooky costumes, prepare original sweets and decoration to meet friends and family with the question - Trick or Threat? 

We love Halloween! You can be different every year and still original. The ideas are endless, you just need a big imagination and a bit time to organised it. Since I have moved in London, I was very impressed of variety and easy finding of decor for any family event. From the begging of October, all the big stores and every shop for accessories are well stoked and fully equipped with Halloween decoration, costumes, make up, wigs, treats and sweets. This is so convenient and favoring every housewife! 

The web is full of ideas, which you can use for inspiration and create your interpretation for the Halloween event. I will share with you the decoration from our last year Halloween and some tips how I made it. 

It is easy and quick to made, especially if you wait till last minute...like me 😀
All you need:
some glass jars and bottles -  choose different sizes to create volume and motion of the design 
acrylic paint and synthetic painting brushes - if you don't have and you can't steal it from your kid, you can use sponge - just tipping the paint (same like your highlighter and contouring 😉) on the jar.
Halloween theme stickers - I used them as a pattern. 
scissors, paper and  black permanent marker; 
sponge and mod podge; 
blu tack;

The jars must be clean and absolutely dry. On some of them put stickers. Color them well  with a dry brush, without any water and leave them dry fully. After that with a small peace of sponge, tipping cover them with mod podge and leave to dry well. Remove the stickers from the dark colored jars and they become nice lanterns. The paper and the scissors I used to cut bats and colored them in black. The spider webs, small spiders, table cloth and stickers are bought from an accessories store. 'Building' the spider web was very funny for me. The transparent blu tack did amazing job and the result was so spooky and realistic, so my guests joked I haven't cleaned the ceiling for ages 😁

Whilst I was surfing in the web, looking for inspiration and ideas for this year Halloween, I found something new (for me). One of the biggest drug store launched a special selection of make-up sets to get a killer Halloween look. And the best part - tutorial videos how to make it! 
And this is ours couple costume from last year treats hunting... The kids in us are so alive! 


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